Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This week marks the (possibly temporary) end of AfterMST3K.  It began as an exercise in looking over recent projects instead of keeping up with the weekly episode guide for KTMA episodes over at the venerable Satellite News.  Unfortunately I am not much of a self-promoter so I never built much of an audience here.  After keeping it up over the summer, which being my first attempt at a blog was by no means guaranteed, real life intervenes and I will not be available for the next 2-3 weeks.  After that, well, the KTMA season has also run its course, and I fear I am falling behind watching MST3K itself now!  There are only so many hours in the week, alas. 

So, in about a month I will see if the spirit moves me, at least enough to post semi-regularly.  There are a lot of episodes still to cover...

Thanks to anyone who's come across this blog, I hope you enjoyed it or it at least encouraged you to check out some Film Crew, Rifftrax and/or Cinematic Titanic projects yourself.  The possibility remains that Joel's plan to reboot MST3K itself will happen, and if so, I know we'll all be looking forward to it.  And if you'd like to read more episode guides, I would suggest MightyJacks MST3K Review site, which I enjoyed as well.

Thanks for watching!

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